2023 is ramping up and business events are too


Posted on February 1, 2023



Event Management

Can you feel it? The buzz, it's there

Across our CBDs, something is happening. Something that we’ve not seen for almost two years. What is it? People. People coming back into the city, working more days from the office, coming in for meetings, eating out in restaurants, attending concerts and more. It’s being seen at our airports too, with the latest reports showing that we’re returning to pre-COVID levels, with a mix of business and leisure travellers. There’s no denying that many people are ready to emerge from their COVID bubbles and re-engage with the world. (Don’t worry, for those of you who still aren’t ready or don’t feel safe, we’re equally confident that hybrid event options aren’t going anywhere!) And look, while nobody is feeling too happy about queueing to get on the bus again, we have to say that it’s great to feel the energy returning to our cities and office spaces again. There’s undeniably been a lot of benefits for many people over the past couple of years with working from home, but those pluses have also been balanced out by more than a few minuses too. When it comes to building relationships, driving innovation and generating new ideas, there’s a lot to be said for the power of face-to-face engagement. We think that’s why we’re seeing a surge in enquiries for support for coordinating business meetings and events again.

Kicking off 2023 in a connected way

One of the 2023 trends we wrote about was that 75% of event organisers are coordinating events with less lead time, and that’s already coming true with a massive surge of enquiries since the start of January for events in February and March. Organisations want to start the year with fresh energy, and we’re seeing a big push for coordinating in-person team kickoff events, company brainstorms and more. This is especially true for organisations that have reduced their own office floor space in response to more of their workforce working from home or with a hybrid work schedule. With our own flexible spaces and a range of partner venues, Cliftons and our team of in-house event management specialists can plan and coordinate engaging events at short notice, so if you want to get your team together, it’s not too late! The demand for team building events is also high. Whether you’re looking to foster stronger team bonds, introduce new team members who’ve only worked together remotely, or come up with creative strategies for addressing significant team challenges, Cliftons can create and deliver a range of team building events.

So what's in it for YOU?

OK, so maybe you’re not too bothered about the social and team benefits of getting back to face-to-face. Some of us are happier being hermits, and that’s all part of the varied human experience. But what about the benefits for YOU, as an individual and your career? Getting out of your home office to attend conferences, workshops and networking events means the chance to learn new skills and knowledge and build your professional network. Yes, you can do these things remotely, but a bit of special sauce seems to dial the impact up when you do it face-to-face. Attending events and meetings in person often increases the number of serendipitous connections that online forums can struggle to replicate. For company events, this might mean meeting people in different teams and deepening your network or even discovering a new potential career path in an unexpected field. Similarly, attending conferences for the whole day, rather than just logging on to specific sessions from home, can open you up to new ideas and encourage random conversations that unlock new leads, job offers and more. Make a commitment to keep an eye on the upcoming events in your industry (more are getting announced every week) and see what possible career benefits you can find!

Let's kick your 2023 events schedule into gear

Whether you want to plan a team building session for 10, a multi-day client expo, or a large-scale industry conference, the Cliftons team can help at every step of the way to make your event remarkable. Bringing together venues (ours or another space to suit your unique needs), people and technology, we’re a one-stop shop for addressing all your meeting and events needs. Get in touch for a no-obligation chat and see how we can help you make event planning and organisation effortless.

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