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From multi-city roadshows to conferences, Cliftons innovative hybrid event solution offers venues, smart tech, and expert in-house support to keep your event plans on track.
Maximise Impact with Hybrid Events
Unparalleled Options and Flexibility for a Seamless Experience

Amplify your event's reach and impact with Cliftons, your premier partner in hybrid conference event solutions. In a world where adaptability and innovation are key, Cliftons stands out as a leader, offering unparalleled flexibility and a seamless experience for in-person and digital participants.

Cliftons event solutions cater to in-person and digital participants, ensuring a rich and inclusive experience.

For Event Organisers - A World of Possibilities

Enhancing Connectivity through Hybrid Events

Hybrid events excel in bringing together participants from various (physical) locations, facilitating multi-city connectivity, and providing individual attendees with remote access options. For in-person attendees especially, our versatile locations in key Central Business Districts (CBDs) and an extensive partner network of venues, Cliftons offer the perfect backdrop for your event, wherever it may be

Creating a Rich and Interactive Experience for digital attendees

Gain reach with Cliftons expansive options for delegates and speakers, potential cost savings and sustainability benefits. Digital attendees and presenters can expect a seamless event encounter with interactive features that foster engaging conversations and networking opportunities. With Cliftons, access a comprehensive suite of engagement tools to create two-way discussions and audience participation, whether participating virtually or in person.

Hybrid Events
Discover options to create an Inclusive & Cohesive Hybrid Event
Our hybrid events solutions excel in bringing together participants from locations (physical and remote, cities and across countries), facilitating multi-city connectivity and providing individual attendees with remote access options. You tell us what you need your event to achieve. With the right technology and logistical support, we'll create an engaging, cohesive event experience with one integrated team.
Benefits for Hosts
Expansive AV & Tech Solutions
Access cutting-edge digital event technologies, platforms, and AV equipment, ensuring your hybrid event's success.
Extended Geographical Reach
Break down geographical barriers with multi-city connections, broadening your audience reach.
Sustainable Practices
Offer remote attendance options, reducing travel-related carbon footprints and contributing to a greener future.
Maximised Attendance
Provide flexible digital attendance options to boost registration numbers, enhancing accessibility and convenience for attendees.
Event Solutions for In-person and Digital Participation
Cliftons is your go-to hybrid event company, ready to create an engaging and cohesive experience that meets your unique needs. Let us turn your vision into reality, crafting impactful hybrid events that resonate long after they conclude.
Benefits for Attendees
Attendance Flexibility
Engage from anywhere in the world, offering the ultimate convenience of attending from your desk or living room.
Hybrid Balance
Participation online saves time with no travel required, allowing for more efficient use of your day.
Interactive Event Experience
Enjoy an inclusive and dynamic digital event experience, fostering engagement and interaction.
Participate live or view the recorded event later, accommodating time zone differences and busy schedules.
Discover adaptable hybrid event formats for business
Seamless Multi-City Experience
Cliftons delivers a seamless multi-city experience for Norman Disney & Young
Collaborating Across Borders
Collaborating Across Borders Uniting sales teams across multiple locations
Cliftons Elevate Speaker Showcase
Creating a big conference impact both in-person and online
Discover Hybrid Events at Cliftons
Ready to amplify your event's reach with a leading hybrid event agency? Cliftons guide you through hybrid events, providing a seamless bridge between in-person and digital experiences. Our unique and agile approach ensures attendees enjoy an unforgettable experience, driving your business into the future. Download your guide to successful hybrid events with Cliftons and start confidently planning your event. Let's create extraordinary live, virtual, and hybrid experiences together.
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