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Face-to-Face or Virtual?
For the Best of Both, Go Hybrid
Amplify your event’s reach with hybrid events

Face-to-face or virtual events? For the best of both, go hybrid. With hybrid events, your attendees can choose to attend in person or virtually, providing the ultimate flexibility without sacrificing experience. Digital attendees and presenters receive a rich and inclusive event experience, as if they were present in the room!

But there’s more. While your audience gains choice and convenience, you gain reach. With hybrid, you’re no longer restricted to inviting local delegates. Without geographical limitations imposed by travel, the world truly becomes your oyster when deciding your guest list! Whether you are running a conference, seminar, town hall, presentation or training, hybrid gives you the assurance you need to run outstanding events in the age of disruption. Plus with broadcast quality recording options, your event can continue to be accessed long after the day.

Make Your Next Event Hybrid

With Cliftons hybrid events solution, you have the option to combine any face-to-face event with a flawless digital attendance option, dramatically increasing your ability to increase attendance, presenter options and ROI on your events.

If you’re worried engagement suffers with the shift to online, prepare to be astounded. The virtual component of your event is not simply a live broadcast where digital attendees watch invisibly on the sidelines, disconnected and disengaged. Instead, the entire event experience is geared around creating a rich and interactive event experience for all attendees, and presenters – regardless of their chosen attendance mode.

It’s all about creating the same kind of connection and collaboration, just through another medium.

Benefits for Hosts
Seamless Digital Events
A seamless tech experience when trusting Cliftons Event Solutions team to manage your digital events
Fully Equipped
An incredible range of digital event technologies, platforms, AV equipment
Fast & Reliable Internet
Exceptional internet speeds with highly secure network
Expanding Event Reach
Increase your event reach to a wider geographical location of attendees
Global Presenters, Local Costs
Secure presenters from outside your region without footing the bill for travel costs
Maximising Attendance
Watch your registration numbers soar – more attendees attend your event when they have the option to attend digitally
Benefits for Attendees
Attendance Flexibility
Guests can participate from the convenience of their desk or living room
Hybrid Balance
Less time investment with no travel time to and from the event
Interactive Event Experience
Enjoy an inclusive and dynamic digital event experience
Choose to participate now, or view the recorded event later – great for time zone issues
Discover Hybrid Events at Cliftons
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"Cliftons provided the perfect event solution for the 2020 FM Industry Awards. Breathtaking views, superb catering, first-rate service, and digital technology to seamlessly connect more than 200 professionals across the four events (Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne) helped make this an unforgettable and highly successful celebration. During a year that has had its challenges, Cliftons venues took away any complexity in the delivery of the event, resulting in very positive feedback from attendees, making a major talk point for the industry."
Nicholas Burt
CEO Facility Management
Association of Australia
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