Health & Hygiene at Cliftons

Venue health and safety measures
At Cliftons, the wellbeing of our customers remains our highest priority.
Here's what you can expect in our venues
What we’re doing to keep you safe in our venues
For all venues – Our rigorous health and safety measures include:
  • Increased cleaning of venues
  • Hand sanitisation stations throughout all venues
  • Hygienic food management and service via staff served buffets or individually packaged meals
  • Our self-serve coffee machines have an anti-microbial film applied to touchpoints to ensure the safety of all guests
  • Water bottles provided in our rooms are sterilised between uses
  • We encourage all clients to consider staggering event start and finish times to reduce crowding in lifts and breakout spaces at peak times and provide flexibility for you to book at times that suit your delegates
  • Client facing staff may wear face masks to help protect other employees and guests. Masks are available at reception for guests on request
event guarantee
Event Guarantee
To ensure booking confidence for clients, all events hosted with Cliftons can now be taken online in as little 24 hours+. Our tech infrastructure and virtual event offering allows you to run hybrid events linking people and locations seamlessly. If unforeseen circumstances prevent your event going ahead in person, it can be transitioned online with just one day’s notice. + Subject to equipment availability
Your Full Guide to Health and Hygiene at Cliftons
Discover all the measures we’ve implemented in our venues to keep you safe.
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Preventing the spread and survival of airborne viruses in the air and on surfaces in indoor spaces has become crucial. HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) plays a vital role in providing a safer workplace and event space through air supply and management. HVAC aids the control and distribution of air around an indoor space. It also manages the cleanliness of the air (quality) as well as temperature.

Cliftons property team works with each venue’s building management to ensure that our HVAC systems reduce the risk of viral transmission through airborne particles.

As well as the existing building systems, all our venues feature sophisticated supplementary air-conditioning systems that meet or exceed AS-1668. These systems provide additional fresh air, cooling and filtration.

We also partner with our building management team to:-

  • Ensure regular inspections, maintenance and cleaning of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems;

  • Limit use recirculated air in HVAC systems and increase the outside air intake;

  • Allow override of automated ventilation settings that reduce air supply based on temperature or occupancy;

  • Ensure installed exhaust fans are fully operational.


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