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Comprehensive Face-to-Face, Online & Remote Exam Solutions
Online learning is on the rise and technology has changed the remote learning experience significantly. But managing exams remotely can still present challenges.
How can you manage exam security, not to mention proctoring candidates? Not to mention the issues with inconsistent browser technologies and various hardware and internet infrastructures utilised by remote examinees. The good news is you don’t have to compromise.
Cliftons Exam Management Services
  • Secure online environment that controls a user’s access to other applications during the exam
  • Accessible platform across multiple devices, browsers and operating systems
  • Remote proctoring and invigilation to manage the exam environment
  • Support transitioning from paper-based to computer-based delivery
  • Support for specialist medical, oral, scenario based, custom exam and assessment environments
Cliftons exam management services
Discover a total examination solution
From pre exam set up, on the day management and post exam reporting, you can rely on us to streamline your examination requirements and deliver a seamless exam experience for your students and teaching staff.
Your Exam Solutions at Cliftons
Exam Management
Full exam management services, inclusive of pre and post exam project management
Exam Platforms
Exam platform and student management systems
Proctor & Invigilator Resource Management Service
Physical, hybrid or complete online and remote proctored (invigilation) exam environments
Onsite server and local server hosting capabilities
Oral Assessment
Oral assessment and exam environment
LMS Integrations
Existing LMS integrations with remote proctor add-ons (Including single sign-on)
IT Management
IT and systems management and exam delivery support
Seamless Offline & Online
End to end paper based to computer-based exam transitioning capabilities
We can help with:
Paper to Online
Moving from paper based to computer-based exam delivery, as well as controlling the online environment
Hybrid Balance
Striking the right balance between a live and virtual examination model, plus hybrid options
Proctoring Management
Providing and managing all elements of proctoring – including a comprehensive and flexible Proctor & Invigilator Resource Management Service (PIRMS) for in-person, remote (or hybrid) held exams.
Physical Management
Managing the physical components of your exam in terms of space requirements, equipment, technology and health & hygiene protocols
Your Guide to Transformative Exam Management Solutions at Cliftons
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"On behalf of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA), I would like to thank Cliftons for assisting the College in ensuring the delivery of the RCPA Examinations in 2020. We could not have executed the delivery of the examinations without the support and professionalism provided by Cliftons particularly with the challenges that 2020 had brought. Your work has been greatly appreciated by all of us"
Katey Hogg
RCPA Program Manager, Training
& Education

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Advance your exam experience

Comprehensive Face-to-Face, Online & Remote Exam Solutions

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