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Posted on August 23, 2023



Event Management

And events are no different

The pace of technology-driven change continues to accelerate, and nowhere is this more apparent than the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) platforms over the first half of 2023. AI is touching every industry in some way, and events are no different. AI is or will be changing events from the most simple and mundane tasks to revolutionary innovations. But ultimately, technology, specifically AI, is a tool that enhances our capacity to create and deliver 5-star, in-person experiences rather than replacing those experiences.

Let's take a look at some of these changes.

AI is reshaping the booking experience

Across events and hospitality, technology and AI is streamlining the booking experience. For example our Client portal gives you the capacity to check availability, compare venues, book, pay and manage all aspects of your event booking online. In the hospitality space, Hotel Tech Report in its AI in Hospitality: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Hotel Industry, details how AI-powered chatbots are being used to answer questions and manage reservations, which can be a real-time-saver for anyone managing group bookings for a conference. These tools are also providing personalised recommendations and streamlining services. But ultimately, this still needs to be followed through with an exceptional in-person experience. If booking a venue is easy, but the venue itself and the support from its people both in the lead-up to your event and on the day doesn't deliver, then that investment in technology is useless. Every element of event delivery needs to come together to ensure an exceptional experience.

AI can enhance the on-site experience

It's often the smallest of details that can help drive an event's engagement. Consider managing the 3 pm slump after everyone's had a long day listening to presentations. Lunch is over; there are still a couple of presenters left to go, and at least a quarter of your audience is tired, wondering if the final keynote will be worth hanging around for or if they should try to make that early train home… Ensuring you've got a compelling speaker for those late afternoon slots is vital, but AI can also help keep everyone engaged by using smart technology to adapt the room. For example, AI can create the optimum environment to enhance the event experience for all attendees by automatically controlling temperature, ambience and lighting.

AI can streamline your event administration

There are a lot of routine administration tasks with most events – for example, sending invitations and follow-ups, tracking RSVPs and post-event reporting. Solid AI tools can automate many of these tasks, freeing up event manager time to focus on creating new ideas or investing in relationships with key stakeholders, such as presenters, sponsors and exhibitors. It is this human-to-human connection of events, whether that's with your team, your customers, or new prospects, that AI can only ever enhance but not replace. For example, AI can be used as a 'match-making' tool to suggest to attendees people they may like to connect with. But the actual value will come from the in-person networking and the conversations that result on a person-to-person level, not from the suggestion alone.

Change is constant, and events will need to continue to adapt

No matter what happens in the technology space, the fundamental principle is that every event needs to remain focused on the audience and delivering value. As technology continues to shape the events sector (and every sector), it's important to bear in mind that these innovations should never be used just for their own sake, but instead, think about how this contributes to the overall event experience for attendees. As professional event organisers, we always start by understanding your event goals and keeping that as our guiding principle. Technology is only ever a tool to help us achieve those results and ensure you are giving your audience an event that is useful, insightful and engaging. Talk to our team about how we can ensure your next event is delivering on a five-star experience.

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