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Posted on May 19, 2023



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Let’s take a look at some of the drivers behind this trend.

A recent trend we’ve been seeing is a groundswell of events with leadership as the theme. After a few years of ‘survival mode’ focused on keeping teams operational, we see businesses now wanting to prioritise getting their leadership teams back together.

Establishing, renewing and consolidating team connections

Many organisations now face a critical challenge: navigating the post-pandemic world and rebuilding trust. With more teams working remotely, people have had fewer chances to connect as people, not just colleagues. A good first step is getting your leadership team together to refocus and build a new foundation as a cohesive unit that clearly defines where the organisation is going and what you need your team to do. Starting with the leadership team is an opportunity to ensure a clear direction that can then be used to filter down throughout the rest of the organisation.

Boosting culture and leadership to foster team retention

Organisational culture is something that needs to flow from the top. If leaders aren’t living the values and putting them into practice each and every day, organisational culture is always going to be broken. A strong leadership team ultimately impacts staff retention, with poor management identified in Gartner’s Global Labor Market Survey in December 2022 as the top reason for staff leaving. Equipping your leaders with the skills to positively contribute to workplace culture means investing in communication skills and prioritising relationships. As people recover from the collective trauma of recent years, this is more crucial than ever – what a recent whitepaper from Neryl East and The Executive Centre describes as an increase in ‘workplace mental health issues.’ It’s more important than ever to equip your leaders with the right skills to delicately manage employee stress and burnout, especially if you also need to adapt to smaller teams in the face of labour shortages. It’s also a chance to break down any silos between business units and to remind your leaders that they aren’t a leadership group but a leadership team. Getting your leaders to effectively work together in a trusting, respectful and encouraging way will pay dividends throughout the organisation.

Redefining what BAU even means

Of course, the other challenge is that business-as-usual differs from a few years ago. Now that organisations are emerging from survival mode, we can’t just expect to return to ‘normal.’ That ‘normal’ is in the past and no longer exists. Working with your leadership team to redefine your purpose, how you serve clients and customers, how you can get the best from your people, and how you can thrive in an irrevocably changed world is something that will only happen with a dedicated effort.

Get better results from an off-site leadership event

These are all significant issues that leaders need to address. That’s why getting out of the office and holding your leadership team event off-site can help to ensure a dedicated focus. It’s a chance to get people away from the day-to-day and reset. Some of the ways you can get better value from your team leadership development day can include: Adding in a team building activity(check out our comprehensive range of options, with activities that are tailored to target specific team challenges as well as just-for-fun options) Engaging a keynote speaker, whether that’s for entertainment, motivation or skills development Planning a training workshop Fostering social connections with catered meals or post-event drinks. With a range of our own and partner venues, Cliftons can work with you as a one-stop shop for planning your next leadership development day. We’ll work with you to define your event goals and bring everything together to help you achieve your desired results.

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