Why do some events flop?


Posted on August 1, 2023



Event Management

And how can you avoid the risk of your event failing?

Is it budget? No, we've all been to events with no expense spared that have left us feeling decidedly underwhelmed. Is it a great space? Well, it helps, but it's not the be-all and end-all. Is it an engaging speaker? What about if the speaker is charming and entertaining but irrelevant to the audience? That doesn't achieve anything.

What makes a successful event?

Big-picture planning and small details execution need to come together for event success

The truth is that successful events rely on solid planning. It's like choosing to DIY your garden or using a landscaper. (Stick with us.) Think about the people you know with gorgeous, thoughtfully planned gardens that unite cohesively to create a beautiful and usable outdoor space. How many of those people do you think did that without the help of a professional? It's the same with events. Yes, you can DIY, but will everything come together seamlessly? That's where using a team of event production specialists can help with the big picture and the numerous details to conceptualise and build your event. This is what Cliftons Event Services does. We'll help you conceptualise, design and deliver an event that reflects your business goals and gets the results you need.

The creativity to conceptualise an event against business goals

One of a client's biggest challenges is needing creative ideas to conceptualise an event and tie it strategically to the organisational goals. Returning to the landscaping metaphor, the DIY-er knows how to dig the holes and water the plants, but they don't know how to zone the space, choose the right plants, create interest and texture, and turn the garden into a beautiful and usable outdoor space. A great event concept can be one of the biggest drivers for event success, meeting the brief of senior stakeholders and delivering on their expectations. It can also help to generate interest, create impactful marketing campaigns and drive attendance. A concept enables you to tell a story about your event and your organisation, in the lead-up, on the day, and long after the event is finished. Giving your internal team the added specialist resources with a greater breadth and depth of experience can help you create a creative, strategic and impactful event.

Curating the program

Think about all the elements on the day that need to come together to make your event successful. Choosing the right speakers. Catering. AV production. Keeping people's attention as the event progresses. Making sure the program delivers on the expectations set by the pre-event communication. It's a lot. Digging into our landscaping comparison once again, this means choosing the right plants (your event speakers and topics), knowing when to water and fertilise (catering throughout the event with delicious and nourishing options, including mapping to a theme if appropriate) and planning the garden to allow for how light moves throughout the day and seasons (keeping everyone's attention – even for the dreaded mid-afternoon slump session). It also means designing the garden to allow for how you need to use it and ensuring it's a functional space (again, coming back to the business brief and making sure the program achieves the desired organisational goals).

Staying on time and on budget – despite the moving parts

Nearly every event has hiccups and challenges. But a professional team on your side can ensure these hiccups don't derail you, and you can get back on track quickly. First of all, events are time critical. The date is set, and everything needs to be ready to go. Using an event management services business means you have a team you can rely on to pull on all available resources to keep you on track – even in the face of roadblocks. This is especially important when you've also got a busy schedule of BAU tasks to get done, not to mention all those last-minute and unexpected tasks that always seem to crop up at the worst possible time. Instead of gardening in your one free hour on a Sunday afternoon (and then it ends up raining, setting you back even further), there's a team of people digging the trenches, building the retaining walls and watering the plants, all while you get on with the other things you need to do. When it comes to managing your budget, using an external partner can also often save you money and keep your event fiscally on track. Think of it as the difference between going to the garden centre and filling your trolley with all the tools, soil and plants – that may or may not be the right choice. Or use your landscaper, who already has the right tools for the job AND has great supplier deals so that you can get a better rate on the plants, soil, fertilisers and more. With a suite of event management tools, in-house AV and event professionals, and an established network of trusted suppliers, we can pull together everything you need to get the job done – all in one place.

Are you going to DIY your garden? Or do you need a landscaper for a standout result?

We work with our clients to clearly understand your business goals and what you need for your event to achieve. We'll then work with you collaboratively to plan and execute an event that delivers the impact and results you need. You'll end up with an event that doesn't just look good but has thoughtfully considered content that achieves your goals. As well as a great venue, you'll get a seamlessly delivered event where you have a partner accountable for all the details throughout the day and beyond. And with all the event details managed, you can concentrate on internal stakeholder management and driving registrations. Get that professionally landscaped feel with a curated event that is strategically planned and seamlessly delivered. Talk to our team today to make it happen.

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