Accelerate Your ABM Strategy Using LinkedIn Social Selling


Posted on March 29, 2021



Event Management

Featured Speaker: Tom Skotidas, Intersocial

Social Selling using LinkedIn has proven to be one of the most effective ways for marketers and sales professionals to engage with their key accounts. When applied successfully, Social Selling can help you better engage with the buying committees of your key accounts, build brand awareness, grow strategic relationships and accelerate revenue.

In this webinar, leading Social Selling expert, Tom Skotidas, shares insights on how B2B marketing & sales leaders can achieve their ABM objectives using Social Selling on LinkedIn.

You will learn:

How to Design an ABM Program using LinkedIn Social Selling as your Channel

How to On-Board your Executives, Sales Teams, and Channel Partners

5 Proven Social Selling Tactics for ABM within Key Accounts

How to Track, Measure, and Report on the Results of your Program

The Most Common Social Selling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

About Tom Skotidas

Tom Skotidas is one of the world’s leading authorities on Social Selling: the process of generating B2B sales leads using social networks, such as LinkedIn.

Tom has been interviewed on the topic of Social Selling by Bloomberg, CNBC, and Sky News, and has presented at major conferences throughout Asia Pacific. Today, Tom and his agency, Intersocial, work with global B2B organisations – training and enabling their sales forces to use LinkedIn to connect with their prospects, build online relationships, and convert these into meetings and pipeline. Tom’s clients include the world’s leading B2B brands in Software, Financial Services, and other industries.

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