Cliftons Elevate - Are you a blinkered leader


Posted on November 4, 2020



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With all the challenges leaders face right now, it’s easy to forget to work on ourselves. Research suggests leaders unconsciously “blinker” themselves, and this can lead to poor results in many facets of their business & personal lives.

With an extensive & unique range of keynote presentations, coaching programs and hands-on workshops, the Anthony Bonnici experience will leave your people inspired to make positive changes to their work and personal lives, and improve their performance & productivity by showing people how they CAN rather than CAN’T.

Using a unique & highly interactive technology proven over 15 years across the globe, Anthony will help you:

Enable real change personally & organisationally

Shift beliefs to shift results

Become unstuck & unleash your true potential

About Cliftons Elevate

Cliftons Elevate is a hybrid face-to-face and digital event bringing together the day’s top thought leaders to talk resilience and leadership for 2020 and beyond. Hear from a variety of industry speakers and thought leaders.

What lessons can we learn from these difficult times? How will you set a strong path in a world of uncertainty? Influential business leaders will share how you can motivate your teams, future proof your business against adversity and set a strong course for success in the age of disruption. Hear real-life stories and discover how adversity can be used to channel success, with important lessons you can apply in your own scenarios.

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