New Year, New Productivity Hacks


Posted on March 4, 2021



Event Management

Featured Speaker: Gavin Nelson, Think Productive

2021 is now underway and we’re all hoping it’s going to be a smoother year than 2020. Who actually knows what’s around the corner though?

We don’t have control over our external world. However, we can still plan and prepare for what’s ahead. Today we are all facing a lot of change and uncertainty and this can cause high levels of burnout and anxiety.

In this webinar Gavin Nelson from Think Productive shares tools and concepts to support us on our journey towards creating a fulfilling and stress-free work life.

Topics you’ll learn about:

1. Using a second brain to support your task and project management

2. Learning to love a weekly review to keep you on track

3. How to make your email life suck less

This webinar builds on concepts Gavin shared with our Cliftons community in November 2020. It’s not essential that you watch that webinar. If you would like to, watch it at

About Gavin Nelson

The changes I implemented after attending a number of Productivity Ninja programs in-house made such a difference to the way I worked, planned and interacted with others that I decided I had to become a Productivity Ninja myself. I love now being a facilitator of Productivity Ninja workshops. I delight in sharing what I have learnt over the last 15 years in management roles with both large and small organisations in Australia and overseas. What drives me is when powerful outcomes are implemented through training programs that make a significant positive impact to people.

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