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Posted on December 12, 2022



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Welcome to the Power of Possibilities Speaker Series. Our third series is PERFORM with speakers Michael Licenblat, Penny Burke and Peter Williams. This session focuses on the ways to get more from your people to unlock growth. Your host & MC, is Warwick Merry.

Michael Licenblat: Building a pressure proof culture and resilient workforce
Leaders today need to do more than manage processes and operations, and widen their understanding of human behaviour if they want to create a high performing team. When leaders create a Pressure Proof culture, they help their team to step up, lean in, switch on and stick around.

Penny Burke: Why condoms don’t come in size SMALL
When selling your product or service, the logical thing is to sell what makes your product different or unique, right? Well yes – but FIRST you have to understand who you are selling to and how they currently behave. In this keynote Penny explains how to use behavioural science and get your audience to do something different tomorrow than they did yesterday.

Peter Williams: The future of work
Most of the talk on the Future of Work is focused on where work will be done. However, in a “work from anywhere” world the really impactful change will be in how the work will be done; maximising the best of technology and humanity. Peter will show how technology such as digital twins, machine learning and AI is and can change work for those both inside and outside a traditional office environment.


Michael Licenblat

Michael Licenblat is a resilience expert who builds pressure-proof cultures and high-performance teams that bounce back fast from challenges, setbacks, and rejections. Michael’s presentations combine high energy with practical motivation to inspire people to ride the waves, adapt to change and achieve more in tough conditions and competitive markets.

Penny Burke

Penny Burke is an expert social commentator on understanding human behaviour. Penny started her life in advertising; Having successfully driven sales for many Australian brands, Penny consults to government and a wide range of blue chip clients. She blends statistics and demographics with behavioural science to explain why people do what they do – and help clients get the change they seek.

Peter Williams

Peter Williams is at the forefront of innovation and digital whether it was as the CEO of Deloitte Digital or more recently the co-founder of a fast growing start-up ‘Packform’. Peter has been innovating and applying different ways of working and guiding business into the future for many years. A real thinker/doer Peter also has the ability to engage and inspire audiences with his cut through style and infectious energy.

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