CEO's Message Feb 2023

CEO's Message
Feb 2023
Vanessa Green

Dear Reader,

I’m excited to be writing this letter from the floor of AIME, Asia Pacific’s leading trade event for the meetings and event industry, as we kick off 2023.

There is a real buzz in the air as industry leaders and event organisers from Asia Pacific and worldwide gather here to ensure their business objectives for 2023 and beyond are met and exceeded. After three years of pandemic ups and downs, the focus in the room is on bringing people together – in person, virtually, and collaboratively. I'm happy to report there's a strong sense of energy rebounding as organisations look to reconnect with teams, clients and members distanced by the last three years of upheaval. But this doesn't mean things are returning to how they were pre-2020, nor do we expect them to.

Some of the significant changes we're seeing are the increased adoption of technology to drive events. Surveys reveal that 78% of events professionals agree that events today use more technology. This includes the ongoing demand for digital and hybrid events, with attendees and presenters expecting options for interactivity and engagement. It's also a growing use of tools like mobile event apps and event management platforms, providing one destination for attendees and organisers across registrations, scheduling, logistics, interactivity and more.

All this technology doesn't mean the end of face-to-face events. We see the opposite is true as people crave the opportunity for human connection, especially for B2B organisations. The trend is for smaller venues with lower in-person attendance, the opportunity to network and the option of hybrid participation for those who prefer that choice. This makes a provider like Cliftons a great choice. Our venues can be configured for various event sizes, with integrated technology and on-site tech support, giving event organisers incredible flexibility and confidence.

As well as smaller events, there’s also a trend towards shorter lead times – no doubt a response to the uncertainty of recent years. Overall, these factors mean we’re seeing a pattern of more numerous but tightly targeted business events tailored to specific audiences. There’s also incredible demand for team-building and internal events to drive innovation and ideas generation. Our partnership with Tailored Team Building means we can provide a one-stop destination for planning your next internal company event.


In addition to giving event organisers and attendees flexibility, we’re seeing an increased focus on sustainability, with organisations considering both the environmental and financial impacts of their event format choices. This is also an area of focus for Cliftons because we believe that business can be a force for good, not just drive economic growth. Our ESG strategy starts from the position that a better future for everyone is one where businesses look at the bigger picture and our place in the world. Our values are at the heart of all we do, which means creating remarkable experiences (and events) that don’t cost the earth (literally). We believe it is our responsibility to preserve, protect and create inclusive growth in the locations and communities we operate within.

We’re not alone in thinking that these practices aren’t just about being soft and fluffy but are of economic importance too. The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2023 has ranked global risks over the next 2 and 10 years, with climate change, social cohesion and geoeconomics confrontation ranking highly for both timeframes. Our goals directly tie to addressing these challenges in a considered and intentional way, with clear metrics to track actual progress.


As we step confidently into 2023, I look forward to Cliftons continuing to support your organisation to meet a broad range of meetings and events needs.

If you have feedback or questions please reach out.

Yours sincerely,
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Vanessa Green
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